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  1. Watching my Evaline grow around her 3 older siblings has been truly a life lesson into the personalities of all of my kids, as well as, my husband & I. Each one of them interact with her in a unique way teaching her something different. One brings safety & comfort, one builds her self esteem, & one encourages her growth & development in areas I may miss regularly. Evaline is truly a well rounded little lady because of her siblings! Likewise, she has fostered some amazing skills in their personal growth & development as well. As a family, we have an entirely different outlook on like & identity than we would have had without DS.

  2. my name is Abigail and i was diagnosed with chromosome 12 deletion and has learning disabilities. She has Perthes disease in her left hip – her leg length discrepancy is 5cm and contracture 5th finger in my left hand, , eczema and asthma, right upper renal scarring with cyst in lower pole kidney. She also has hypertension, ADHD and behaviour problems.

    i well be going into hospital for a leg length discrepancy operation at Durham university hospital i well be going in to hospital on Monday 3rd February and i well have my operation on Tuesday 4 rd February hope don,st take to long to recovery I well keep you update near time about it more well put update facebook well i am in hospital well ask my mum and dad to help me with it and when i come out and back home I well not miss one update well try my best with update as i can

  3. My sister passed away last night. Charlene had Downs Synndromn with early on – set Alzheimer’s. She died. From the effects of Alzheimer’s at 51 years old. She was eleven month and three weeks younger than me. She was also a twin. Her twin Terri-Lynn doesn’t have Down’s syndrome . All three of us are the same age for 2 weeks! Growing up Charlene(we call her sissy did everything we did. She took dance lessons, She always hung out with me and my friends ( I didn’t,t always like that when I was a kid as she would tell on me) She participated in Special Olympics. After high school she went to a adult program Sunshine Village. She worked various jobs but ended up at a local diner doing dishes and worked there until Alzheimer’s impeded her ability to work. She made many friends there.
    Charlene had a boyfriend his name was Jerry. They would talk on the phone for hours. She wanted nothing more than to get married but did not want kids as she put it she didn’t want to get fat. She would cash her check and buy a six pack of beer. She’d only drink one, she just wanted to be like everyone else. She wanted long blond hair like Brittney Spears, bigger feet and she wanted to drive. Sissy wanted to be “sexy.”
    As my sister and I grew and started our families, Sissy would come and stay with me for weekends she wasn’t,t always crazy about it, She couldn’t wait to get home to all her stuff. Everything had to be in its place, her Crossword puzzles, letters to Jerry etc…
    She loved to dance and had a disco ball in her room. Our family is animal lovers so. We always had MANY animals in the home. Sissy tolerated them but she did bond to a few, partially “Happy Dog”,A rescued Grey Hound.
    As the Alzheimer’s in Sissy,s ADL skills deteriorated and had to leave her job. My mom tried some day hab programs but Sissy at thAt point had became very attached to Mom. My mom quit her job and dedicated herself to taking care of Sissy.
    The past seven years have been very difficult for our family watching Charlene become a shell of the person she once was. Her child-like out look on life as well as her resiliency , perserverence and belief in love and people will always be in my heart. I will miss her with all heart and soul.

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